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Country Championship Playday 1

Robbi / Mar 30, 2014

Today the first matches of ESL Canyon Country Championship will take place.
It looks like the first match will be:

Team Nordic TM2C vs. United Kingdom .TM2C.

There'll also be a Stream of that match by Toffe in English

This match should start today at 8pm. And we got TIB.Mighty as Member of team UK who could be part of this match!

Then at 9pm, France . TM2C plays against NorthAmerica

And we will see TIB.Knetog and his team mates from NorthAmerica fighting against the strong Lineup from France.

Swan streams this match for StubbyTv


On Monday, at 9pm the Last match of Playday 1 will take place.

Netherlands.TM2C vs. Germany

And with 6 drivers from TIB, this will of course be a big focus for us.
C4Freak, chevi, pzR, Robbi, Sprite and Time will try to compete in this match for team Germany.

There'll also be a Stream of that match by Toffe in English.

Team Belgium has a free Playday and start into this Tournament next week.

Let's hope for some great matches and a good Performance by TIB :)

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