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[Pinned] How to write an application

Hey before you write an application please read this!We search for good driver who play trackmania canyon.If you want to join us you first have to write an application that we knowmore about you. A good application needs a number of important info...
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Nike Get A Summer Season Baseball Boot

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Ama application

hey you want to write something here or not? :D
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Application Aleks-s

Hey all :) My name is Max "Aleks-s" Alekseev and i'm from Russia, Moscow region. I'm 22 age old, finished higher economic education this year, now working in jewellry media sphere. I wanna to try myself in team-wars with good guys as you are :)I'm...
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Application DOp3X

Hi all, my name is Sören "DOp3X" Herthum. I'm 26 years old and and live in Magdeburg where I'm studying civil engineering and work as a salesman for bicycles. And of course bicycling is one of my biggest hobbies. I play Trackmania since 2008 i thi...
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Application Sl4Y3Rz

Hey all :) !My name is Mikel, I'm 15 and I'm from Swiss. I live in Yverdon and I'm in my last school year :D !I would like join us because i think i have reached a some level for have a team and do cups.My name in TM Canyon is Sl4Y3rz. I play sinc...
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Application Zett[not acceded]

Hey TIBs,my name is Daniel Zero aka "Zett" (login: slashslash). I'm from Frankfurt/Main, Germany, and I'm 26 years old. Besides being a DJ and musician, I use to work as a marketing strategy developer. I started to play TM back in 2008 with Nation...
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Application pzR°[accepted]

Hey guys,My name is Christopher 'pzR' Masan from sweet Germany (Baden-Baden), I'm 20 years old, soon finishing my apprenticeship to an IT system technician and started playing Trackmania Canyon like 1,5 years ago. Until a few weeks ago, I was play...
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Application Onio[accepted]

Yo guys,I'm Florian "oNio" Roschu, 21 years old and I play Trackmania overall since 2008. Since January 2012 I play Canyon and I would say you could consider me as a pretty good player.Credentials:
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